Special Features

Special Features Will Make Your Pool Truly One-Of-A-Kind.

With the right design creativity, and today’s new features, the possibilities for customizing your special project are limitless. Indian Summer Pool & Spa offer a variety of special features for your pool.


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Bring your pool to life

Still-reflecting pool waters are beautiful. But why limit your pool design? Plan to include a water feature, the single pool feature that brings your pool to life with sights, motion and sound. The thumbnails below (click on one to see enlarged photo) are some of the waterfalls custom built by Indian Summer Pool & Spa.


At Indian Summer Pool & Spa we use water effect features by Pentair.


Waterfalls Videos


Family Enjoyment

There's always something magical about a waterfall in a pool. No one can resist swimming under a waterfall to have the invigorating water cascade down over them. Indian Summer Pool & Spa builds grottos. The cave like structure with a waterfall rushing over the tops and covering the entrance to your secret hideaway. Fun for all ages.




Few things are more relaxing than the shimmering sight and splashing sound of falling water. 


  • The Magicfall Waterfall can produce a range of water effects from an almost silent, clear glass-like curtain of water to a rushing mountain spring waterfall.
  • The elegance of the Magicstream LED lit laminars are like arched tubes of neon water up to 7’ tall and arching out over up to 8’ over your pool.
  • Magicstreams® Deck Jets create a graceful arch of water that enters the pool with a gentle splash. The stream seems to appear magically from the pool deck since the jet installs flush and out of sight.
  • The water flow is easily adjusted so you can alter the effect to suit the moment.


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Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic technology allows Indian Summer Pool & Spa to create dramatic lighting effects to your pool, spa, perimeter & landscape. We use fiber optic lighting from FIBERworks and Fiberstars.



American Products' FIBERworks products with advanced OptiFusion™ technologies allow for more efficient light transmission and distribution. The FIBERworks system delivers performance that's up to 85% brighter than other fiber optic systems.


FIBERworks systems are available with a color selector feature that allows you to bathe your pool/spa in any of seven eye-catching colors with a mere flick of a switch. Pool and spa, or perimeter lighting can even be set to glow in different colors using the (optional) color contrast feature.


Fiber optic systems involve sophisticated, state-of-the-art products which require special training to ensure optimum performance. The FIBERworks system is available only from factory trained Certified Dealers, such as the professionals at Indian Summer Pool & Spa.


Available Colors

  • Azure Blue

  • Emerald Forest

  • Lavender Glow

  • Blue Ice

  • Pacific Violet

  • Key Lime

  • Tropical Pink



Fiberstars can be installed in more than just pools! We can also light waterfalls, gardens, walls, perimeter accents and fountains. Fiberstars is #1 in fiber optics with over 100,000 installed swimming pool systems. Our state-of-the-art systems offer the utmost quality in manufacturing and engineering.


Each system we deliver comes with the experience and design capability we've garnered  as pioneers in the fiber optics field.


Fiberstars fiber optic pool lighting transforms any pool, vinyl, gunite or fiberglass, into a showplace of the night.


The Fiberstars Color Wheel gives you the creative freedom to change the mood by rotating the colors in the wheel, or fix it on one. You decide. Set the scene. You're the artistic director.


Let us create an elegant outdoor space for your enjoyment.


We use Fiber Optic Lighting by Pentair


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